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Benefits of Valet Trash

What's Valet Trash, You ask?

Valet trash collection is a door-to-door trash pickup and recycling service for single /multi-family communities, including apartment complex, condominiums, office buildings, Nursing homes, restaurants, vacation home resorts and many more. Valet Trash service provides the community with the #1 voted amenity that 100% of residents use more than the pool or gym and will enjoy from day one.


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Benefits to Tenants/Residents

  • Convenience

  • No more lugging heavy trash bags downstairs to the onsite dumpster

  • No more using your vehicle seat, roof, trunk or side mirror to transport trash

  • No more carrying trash during inclement weather

  • All residents will use this service (unlike amenities such as the pool or gym)

  • Increase safety by eliminating nighttime trips to the dumpster

  • Never having a buildup of trash

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Benefits to Property Management

According to the survey conducted by the National Apartment Association (NAA), 74% of renters considered valet trash pickup to be the most important amenity offered by apartment complexes.


  • Top ranked amenity

  • Improves Retention

  • Appeals to potential tenants

  • Ancillary revenue

  • Clean area around disposal zone

  • Controls odors and pest problems

  • Keeps breezeways clear and sanitary

  • Aides the elderly and handicapped

  • Additional Security

  • GilNik Valet Trash employees will provide an extra set of eyes on your property.

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     Why GilNik Valet Trash

When an apartment community partners with a trash valet service, there are immediate bottom line results. Trash valet is a service that adds value to the asset and the benefits are numerous for the community.  


  • Can easily be implemented

  • Increased resident retention

  • Differentiate the property from competitors

  • Provides a unique selling tool for new residents

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